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Ronald is an internationally acclaimed TV, film and stage actor, as well as presenter, writer/director and voice actor (singing voice baritone F-d”). He graduated from the prestigious Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts. Recent projects are the immensely popular Nickelodeon series Hunter Street and the drama series Arcadia for The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. He performed in several theatre productions at the Dutch National Theatre, Noord Nederlands Toneel and others in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Ronald worked on iconic tv shows like Coronation Street in the UK and Tatort in Germany. His extensive film and tv credits list a number of award winning productions. 

He hosted hit Discovery Channel series, such as Industrial Revelations, Inventing History and Legend Detectives, all of which aired in over 140 different countries. His six-year, multi-award-winning UK ‘Schtop!’ campaign for Grolsch made him one of the most impersonated people in British advertising history. 

He touched the hearts of many with his documentary The final Battle, for RTL and the BBC.

Ronald co-wrote a documentary script for the European Space Agency (that won Milan’s Festival’s science prize) as well as the screenplay for the action/adventure film Danny Hudson and the legend of the Half Moon. Ronald is one of The Netherlands most prolific Audiobook narrators.


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